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Vitalz Healthcare Platform is your single source to view and share medically reliable records, improve patient communication, quality of care and satisfaction while quickly, easily and securely complying with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC HIT) Meaningful Use Stage 2 medical reporting mandates, now and in the future.

Picture this:

Your patient logs in to your website to view lab results, schedule an appointment, refill a prescription, leave a question for the nurse, pay a bill, and request information about a specialist you suggested.
At home. In a matter of minutes. seamlessly.

Welcome to the future of your patients’ health care. Welcome to now.

Only the Vitalz Healthcare Platform provides a powerful patient portal – with all messaging within the framework of your current EHR system — that gives your patients the ability to securely store, access, use and share their healthcare information.

Vitalz profoundly improves patient communication, quality of care and satisfaction, while quickly and easily complying with Meaningful Use mandates, now and in the future.

Vitalz gives patients true access to their data.

Vitalz core goal is to create an online network that makes it easy for patients and providers to connect, transact, and collaborate with each other to achieve better health and healthcare.